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Cirugía estética facial

  • Facial Makeover Beirut
  • 2016 Guidelines for patient-specific jawline definition with titanium implants in aesthetic, deformity and malformation surgery. AMS
  • 2016 Rejuvenation of the ageing upper lip and nose with suspension lifting. JCMFS
  • 2016 The ideal male jaw angle - an Internet survey. JCMFS
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  • 2015 Systematic review of "filling" procedures for lip augmentation regarding types, outcome and complications. JCMFS
  • 2015 Contemporary aesthetic management strategies for deficient jaw angles.PMFA
  • 2014 Photoshopping the face, simulated outcomes of orthofacial surgery. PMFA
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  • 2009 Per sternomastoid neck suspension in rhytidectomy, a technical note. AJCS
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  • 2002 Intraoral transmental suction lipectomy. JOMFS
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  • 2001 Mandibular angle augmentation in a case of morphing to Michael Jackson. ACPE
  • 2000 Prevention of lid retraction in lower lid blepharoplasties. An overview. JCMFS
  • 2000 Prévention de la rétraction palpébrale après blépharoplastie inférieure. ACPE
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  • 1994 Brow and forehead lift with cranial suspension. JCMFS
  • 1992 Correction esthétique de la pomette par ostéotomie en sandwich de l'os zygomatique. HNP