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Cirugía craneo-maxilo-facial general

  • 2022 FEA 3Dprintedd TMJR A3DpMed
  • 2021 Patient- and clinician-reported outcomes for the additively manufactured sub-periosteal jaw implant (AMSJI) in the maxilla. IJOMS
  • 2021 Mechanical evaluation of a patient-specific additively manufactured subperiosteal jaw implant (AMSJI) using finite-element analysis. IJOMS
  • 2020 Computer-aided design and manufacturing construction of a pilot guide for a bone-anchored epithesis to replace an absent pinna. IJOMS.pdf
  • 2020 Patient- and clinician-reported outcomes of lower jaw contouring using patient-specific 3D-printed titanium implants. IJOMS galley proofs.pdf
  • 2020 Ceramic 3D-Printed Titanium Cranioplasty
  • 2020 Reconstruction of a subtotal maxillectomy defect using a customized titanium implant in a 4-year-old child - an 8-year follow-up report. Front Surg
  • 2020 Total temporomandibular joint replacement- Stick to stock or optimization by customization? CMFTR.pdf
  • 2019 On the reinsertion of the lateral pterygoid tendon in total temporomandibular joint replacement surgery. JCMFS
  • 2019 Titanium surface modifications and their soft-tissue interface on nonkeratinized soft tissues—A systematic review (Review). Biointerphases
  • 2019 Re/ Patient-specific sub-periosteal zygoma implant for prosthetic rehabilitation of large maxillary defects following oncologocal resection. IJOMS
  • Stock vs PSI TMJ TJR J Craniomaxillofacial Trauma & Reconstruction
  • 2018 Autlogous fat transplantation in total temporomandibular joint replacement surgery. AMS
  • 2018 Evolutionary steps in the design and biofunctionalisation of the additively manufactured jaw implant AMSJI for the maxilla. IJOMS.pdf
  • 2018 Alloplastic temporomandibular joint replacement systems- a systematic review of their history. IJOMS
  • 2018 Nieuwsbrief Oncologisch Centrum
  • 2017 Biomaterials in temporomandibular joint replacement: current status and future perspectives—a narrative review. IJOMS
  • 2017 Use of fused deposit modeling for additive manufacturing in hospital facilities: European certification directives JCMFS
  • 2017 Additively manufactured sub-periosteal jaw implants. IJOMS
  • 2017 Wanneer is een kaakgewricht aan de orde vandaag? TvG
  • 2016 Extended retroauricular access to the temporomandibular joint space. BJOMS
  • 2016 De stralende toekomst van 3D printing in geneeskunde. Tempo Medical
  • 2016 In vivo biofunctionalization of titanium patient specific implants with nano HA and other Ca phosphate coatings. A systematic review.
  • 2016 Ernstige gezichtsafwijkingen herstellen met 3D-geprinte implantaten. Artsenkrant
  • 2015 Classification of Computer-Aided Design– Computer-Aided Manufacturing Applications for the Reconstruction of Crania-Maxillo-Facial Defects. JCFS
  • 2015 Orbital wall reconstruction with two-piece puzzle 3D printed implants. JCTR
  • 2014 High-quality image acquisition by double exposure overlap in dental cone beam computed tomography. OOOO
  • 2014 Outcomes of osseous free flap reconstruction in biphosphonate-related osteonecrosis of the jaw- Systematic review and new cases. JCMFS
  • 2014 Long-term prospective study of an orthodontic bone anchor. IJOMI
  • 2011 How to do clinical research in cranio-maxillo-facial surgery. JCMFS
  • 2010 Intermaxillary Fixation Techniques
  • 2010 Retrievelof the displaced condylar fragment with a screw. BJOMFS
  • 2010 Obituary JCMFS
  • 2010 Donor face reconstruction in case of facial allotransplantation. ACB
  • 2010 The EACMFS post specialist fellowships have been launched. JCMFS
  • 2009 Allotransplantation or autotransplantation to the face. Which first? JCMFS
  • 2009 Screw retrieval of the proximal segment in intracapsular condylar fractures. IJOMS
  • 2009 The European working time directive, facts and issues. JCMFS
  • 2008 Computer-aided pre-operative plate bending for reconstruction of mandibular defects. JCMFS
  • 2008 Computer-aided pre-operative planning for mandibular reconstruction surgery. JCMFS
  • 2008 Ignac Semmelweis, the Rescuer of Mothers. AJCS
  • 2007 Computer-aided pre-operative planning of mandibular reconstruction surgery. OO
  • 2007 Computer-aided pre-operative reconstruction plate bending for mandibular segmental defects. OO
  • 2007 Integration of application-specificity and automation in computer-aided pre-operative planning. CARS
  • 2001 Jacobs disease; 2 case reports and review of the literature. JCMFS
  • 1997 An intra-operative technical aid to miniplating of mandibular fractures by fracture segment apposition. ACB
  • 1994 The use of skull bone in maxillofacial reconstruction and its potential use in orthopedic surgery.
  • 1993 Assessment of damage by orbital blow-out fractures. ACB
  • 1990 Wiederherstellung im bestrahlten Oropharynx, muskulo-kutaner Pektoralis Major lappen versus mikroananstomosierter Latissimus-dorsi-Lappen. FKGC
  • 1990 How invasice is TMJ double-contrast ahtrography in combination with cinematography. OOO
  • 1988 Late recurrences after radical resection for mandibular ameloblastoma. IJOMFS
  • 1986 Erfahrungen mit der Osteosyntheseplatte nach Champy-Loddé bei Unterkieferfrakturen. MKGC