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Cirugia orthofacial y ortognática

  • 2022 A Prospective Registry Analysis on Soft-to-Hard Tissue Ratios in Profile View; Midline Changes in the Lip Region after Mono- and Bimaxillary Repositioning Surgery. CMFT&RO
  • 2020 Third-generation slotplates for orthognathic and facial corrective surgery
  • 2020 A prospective study of soft- and hard-tissue changes after mandibular advancement surgery: Midline changes in the chin area. AJO-DO.pdf
  • 2018 Mandibular feminisation osteotomy. IJOMS
  • 2018 Surgically assisted rapid maxillary expansion with bone-borne versus tooth-borne distraction appliances—a systematic review. IJOMS
  • 2018 Acrylic stent to aid placement of footplate of palatal distractor during surgically-assisted rapid palatal expansion. BJOMS
  • 2017 Fast-track orthographic surgery: an evidence-based review. AMFS
  • 2016 Masculinisation of the male face. 'Power face' surgery. PMFA
  • 2016 Slotplates revisited - a retrospective analysis. JCMFS
  • 2016 A systematic review of soft-to-hard tissue ratios in orthognathic surgery. Part III. Double jaw surgery procedures. JCMFS
  • 2016 Le Fort I-type osteotomy retractor. CMTR
  • 2016 Narrow-bladed "Endo" sagittal split osteotomy retractor. CTR
  • 2015 A systematic review on soft-to-hard tissue ratios in orthognathic surgery part II: Chin procedures. JCMFS
  • 2014 Systematic review on soft-to-hard tissue ratios in orthognathic surgery. Part I. Maxillary repositioning. JCMFS
  • 2014 Uso del cemento de fosfato cálcico para estabilizar las osteotomias de avance mandibular y para prevenir escalones inestéticos en la línea mandibular. RECOM
  • 2013 Corrigendum to "Ideal proportions in full face front view" JCMFS
  • 2013 Preferences of AP position of the Caucasian facial profile. JCMFS
  • 2010 Ideal proportions in full face front view, contemporary versus antique. JCMFS
  • 2010 Correction of skeletal Class II - anterior deep bite and prominent chin by forced rotation of the mandible. BJOMS
  • 2009 A systematic review of the effects of bone-borne surgical assisted rapid palatal expansion. JCMFS
  • 2009 Endocopically assisted sagittal split osteotomy for mandibular lenghtening. Technical note and initial experience. JCMFS
  • 2009 A conebeam CT based technique to augment the 3D virtual skull with a detailed dental surface. IJOMS
  • 2008 Modified surgical technique for transpalatal distraction. JCMFS
  • 2008 Accuracy and repeatability of cone-beam computed measurements used in the determination of facial indices in the laboratory setup. JCMFS
  • 2008 Reliability of clinical measurements in the determination of facial indices. JCMFS
  • 2008 Morbidity related to transmandibular distraction osteogenesis for patients with developmental deformities. JCMFS
  • 2008 Morbidity related to endo-corticotomies for transpalatal osteodistraction. JCMFS
  • 2007 Modified surgical technique of transpalatal distraction. Medimond
  • 2007 The use of a wax bite wafer and a double computed tomography scan procedure to obtain a three-dimensional augmented virtual skull model. JCFS
  • 2007 Modified surgical technique for transpalatal expansion. Proceedings EACMFS Barcelona
  • 2006 Bimaxillary transverse osteodistraction. Bell book.
  • 2006 Standards for digital photography in cranio-maxillo-facial surgery. Part II. JCMFS
  • 2006 Standards for digital photography in cranio-maxillo-facial surgery - Part I Basic views and guidelines. JCMFS
  • 2006 Mandibular lengthening using local anesthesia only as and office-based procedure. Book Bell
  • 2006 Endoscopically controlled endonasal approach to maxillary corticotomies for transpalatal distraction osteogenesis. RICMF
  • 2005 Anterior transmandibular osteodistraction. Clinical and model observations. JCMFS
  • 2005 A two-year outcome of a versatile orthodontic bone anchor. JO
  • 2005 A prospective study on infectious complications in orthognathic surgery. JCMFS
  • 2004 The concept of bimaxillary transverse distraction osteogenesis. A paradigma shift. DMKG
  • 2004 Surgical options in deep-bite mandibular deficiency with prominent chin. Aesthetic considerations. JCMFS
  • 2004 Corrélation entre les données échographiques et radiographiques dans l'évaluation de la maturation du cal osseux. RSCMF
  • 2004 Bimaxillaire transversale distractie-osteogenese. NTVT
  • 2004 A distractiós osteogenesis szerepe az arcközép sébészetében. ORLH
  • 2003 The effect of mandibular block on opoidconsumption, vomiting and nausea in mandibular osteotomies. AAB
  • 2003 Correlation between radiographic and ultrasound data in the detection of symphyseal callus maturation. Monduzzi
  • 2003 Comentario al articulo Osteosintesis reabsorbible en cirugia ortognatica. Utilizacion del sistema Polimax en la fijacion del maxilar superior. RECOMS
  • 2002 Problems, obstacles and complications with TPD in non-congenital deformities. JCMFS
  • 2002 Is early osteodistraction a solution for the ascending ramus compartment in hemifacial microsomia. JCMFS
  • 2002 Intraoral transmental suction lipectomy. JOMFS
  • 2002 Aesthesic malar recontouring zygomatic sandwich osteotomy. FPSCNA
  • 2002 A novel osteosynthesis plate design for routine corrective facial surgery. JCFS
  • 2001 Positional changes after osteodistraction with MDDOS - medium-term results. OMFSonline
  • 2001 Posterior transpalatal distraction with pterygoid disjunction, a short term model study. AJODO
  • 2001 Osteotomía sagital de rama para avance mandibular. RECOMFS
  • 2001 Mandibular angle augmentation in a case of morphing to Michael Jackson. ACPE
  • 2001 Initial displacements after transpalatal distraction. JOMFS
  • 2001 Bone anchored intraoral device for transmandibular distraction. BJOMFS
  • 2001 Immediate postexpansion changes following the use if the transpalatal distractor. JOMFS
  • 2000 Perioperative complications in corrective facial orthopedic surgery. A 5-year retrospective study. JOMFS
  • 2000 Nasal profile changes after maxillary impaction and advancement surgery. JOMFS
  • 2000 Nasal profile changes after maxillary impaction and advancement surgery - Letter to the Editor.JOMS
  • 1999 Transpalatal distraction as a method of maxillary expansion - Technical note. BJOMFS
  • 1999 Transpalatal distraction as a method of maxillary expansion - Technical note. BJOMFS - Current literature
  • 1999 Proximal segment position after distraction with the MD-DOS device. JCMFS
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  • 1998 Orthognathic surgery - patients' subjective findings with focus on the temporomandibular joint. JCMFS
  • 1998 Horizontal Anchorage in the ascending ramus - a technical note. IJAOOS
  • 1997 The effect of the subspinal Le Fort I-type osteotomy on interalar rim width. IJOOS
  • 1997 Mandibular distraction with a dynamic osteosynthesis system (MD DOS). Monduzzi
  • 1997 High labial incisions for genioplasty. BJOMFS
  • 1996 Letter to editor on malar sandwich osteotomy JCMFS
  • 1995 The sandwich zygomatic osteotomy - technique, indications and clinical results. JCMFS
  • 1995 Temporomandibular joint symptoms in an othognathic surgery population. JCMFS
  • 1995 Creating lip seal by maxillo-facial osteotomies (a retrospective cephalometric study). JCMFS
  • 1994 Evaluation of the SLOT osteosynthesis technique in mandibular advancement. JCMFS
  • 1994 Condylar resorption in orthognatic surgery - a retrospective study. IJAOOS
  • 1993 Mandibulafractuur, een ongewone complicatie na een kinsoteotomie. ASB
  • 1992 Two similar bad splits and how they were treated. JOMFS
  • 1992 Esthetische correctie van de wangconus door middel van een - sandwich - zygoma-osteotomie. HNP
  • 1992 Correction esthétique de la pomette par ostéotomie en sandwich de l'os zygomatique. HNP
  • 1991 Slot osteosynthesis technique - SLOT - for sagittal ramus osteotomies. JCMFS
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  • 1988 Revision historica de la osteotomia mandibular para la correccion de micro y retromandibula. CE
  • 1987 Die Indikation dur Zungenverkleinerung bei kieferorthopädischen Eingriffen. IOK
  • 1987 A cephalometric analysis of the long-term, soft tissue profile changes which accompany mandibular advancement. JCMFS