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The first consultation for developmental abnormalities  (orthofacial/orthognathic surgery) generally includes an investigation of the following: facial form, functional problems related to chewing, speaking issues, breathing patterns, and the patient’s motivation.
The consultations and surgery, as well as the after care, take place in the University Hospital in Brussels (Jette).


The first consultations for congenital abnormalities may actually take place before birth, especially when the presence of a cleft lip and/or palate has been determined with the help of a prenatal ultrasound. In such cases, parents are allowed to receive a more urgent consult, perhaps even after normal working hours.
The consultations and surgery, as well as the after care, take place in the University Hospital in Brussels.
A core cleft team of ear and speech specialists, orthodontic and surgery specialists meets the patients in the cleft clinic, which takes place twice per month. Appointments with an even more extended team may be arranged on other days, if necessary.

The first consultation for rejunevation, cosmetic and facial makeover procedures also take place in the University Hospital in Brussels. The surgical options, as well as the expected results, are explained to the patients with computer aided design.

 Orthoface Clinic @ Gent Facial Team
Appointments can be made for soft tissues procedures, for discussion of orthognathic surgeries and for facial makeovers (feminization, masculinization, transgender). Also for TMJ  total joint replacement and other patient specific implant surgeries.